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Re: [debian-knoppix] [ANNOUNCE] knx_persistent_home v0.4

Hi David!

> 1) I don't think FAT or FAT32 or VFAT support .file, I get silly message 
> when I try to create such a .knoppix file under windows.
> 2) If /dev/hda5 is mounted read-only and a file .knoppix exist, this one 
> can not be loop mounted read-write since the underlying filesystem does 
> not permit write (as mounted).

1) The Windows Explorer has problems to create such files, but it is perfectly possible
    to create such files if you use "correct" (say "unbuggy") software. ;-)
    Another point is, that it is useless to create a .knoppix file under windows since
    it's important that there is an ext2 filesystem inside of .knoppix. Windows can't do this!
    (Under Linux there is the script "knx_persistent_home" in the persistent home bundle, that
     creates the correct file for you).

2) Persistent home searches the partitions read-only. When it finds its .knoppix file it mount
     resp. remounts the partition as read/write.

> I am affraid /cdrom is not under /mnt (should I make a link?).
> And I am pretty sure it is not possible to mount twice the same 
> partition (once RO under /cdrom and once RW under /mnt/something
This should work as far as i know!

> 1) I would advocate for taking a filename that is valid under most 
> filesystem by taking the highest limitation factor of each and everyone 
> of them (8+3 + uppercase or case-insensitive might be it).
> By permitting FAT filesystem for hosting the "persistent home" you would 
> permit one to use the same partition (USB FLASH?) for saving it and 
> saving "windows" document on it.
I like the name, because a) it does not get in your way under linux (hidden by default)
and b) it has a special "extension" under windows so that you don't open it by mistake.
You can however easily delete the file under Windows to get rid of your persistent home
(if you need the space on your usb pen drive).

> 2) It would be nice to verify if RW right can be optain and if not, a 
> attempt to "-o remount" would be nice and help those that mounted the 
> wrong way (by design or by mistake).
Its already done.

> If you insist in naming it ".knoppix" then my only solution is creazy: 
> loop mount a big file with a valid fat name under /mnt then that 
> file=filesystem will containt the required ".knoppix". I don't know how 
> far could that loop recursivity go, but as long as it stay RW. ;-)
:-) Don't do that :-)

Merry Christmas,
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