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Re: help Re: [debian-knoppix] home-Verzeichnis auf  Festplatte/Thumbdrive ->Icon-Amok :-)

A les 22:48 27/11/02 +0000, Matthias Schwarze m'has escrit,
Hi Ermen!

> Could any body, explain (just a little bit and in english :-) when to use=20
> this scripts?
> I couldn't read anything inside the README
> I tried to translate this thread but babel.altavista is not very good, and=
> =20
> even less my english :-)

Oh sorry, i'll translate this text soon - the readme was primarily meant
for Friedemann, so that he has a chance to try it out.

Thanks, and don't worry speaking in german. If I see something interesting i'll ask again for a transaltion :-)

It is a very good idea the persistent directory. I'll try it next week. Thanks for the job.

* ermen *

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