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help Re: [debian-knoppix] home-Verzeichnis auf  Festplatte/Thumbdrive ->Icon-Amok :-)

Hi Ermen!

> Could any body, explain (just a little bit and in english :-) when to use=20
> this scripts?
> I couldn't read anything inside the README
> I tried to translate this thread but babel.altavista is not very good, and=
> =20
> even less my english :-)

Oh sorry, i'll translate this text soon - the readme was primarily meant
for Friedemann, so that he has a chance to try it out.

Meanwhile, here's a short version:
With these scripts you can have your knoppix home directory
(/home/knoppix/) live on a partition of your choice. This way your home
directory is persistent - so its contents (configuration files,
downloaded stuff etc.) survives reboots.

The first script lets you create a file on a partition of your choice.
This file simply contains an ext2 filesystem.

The second script (it's the knoppix.sh) finds the file while knoppix is
booting and mounts it as /home/knoppix. 

To test the scripts, simply 
1) copy them to a floppy
2) boot knoppix as usual
3) start knx_persistent_home.pl from the floppy
4) follow the instructions of the installer (yes i know, it's in
   english :-))
5) reboot knoppix with the boot parameter "floppyconf"

Your home directory is now persistent.

Bugs: After the second start of knoppix the icons are at strange

> I understood that this scripts are useful for booting a knoppix image from
> HD

Not exactly, but you can copy the KNOPPIX file (in the /KNOPPIX
directory on the cd) on a partition and boot with a boot disc (the disc
images are also in the /KNOPPIX directory!). Knoppix is still read-only,
but you have your cdrom drive free for other things. In combination with
the scripts above, you may be able to have a "poor man's install". ;-)
You just have to be aware, that only the "knoppix"-user has his settings
persistent. Changes to /etc or something are lost after a reboot.

I hope it helps a bit!

Bye - Matthias

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