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[debian-knoppix] jewelcase insert V3.1 08-11-2002-BETA (with 18.11.2002 cheatcodes)


The latest two-sided jewelcase insert for KNOPPIX V3.1 08-11-2002-BETA
is up at my web site. It now contains the 18.11.2002 cheatcodes, and now
no longer contains one or two particular typos and editing snafus.

The OpenOffice.org 1.0.1 ".sxw" source, a PostScript derivative, and a
PDF derivative are all available--under the terms of the GNU GPL--at:

    KNOPPIX Stuff
        knoppix.31.08112002.jewelcase.en.us.pdf      179978 bytes
        knoppix.31.08112002.jewelcase.en.us.ps.gz    292352 bytes
        knoppix.31.08112002.jewelcase.en.us.sxw       29219 bytes

As always, don't hesitate to report bugs and problems to me. Use these
in good health. Klaus, thank you for an excellent product.

"You should never so focus your attention that you are not also aware of the
larger pattern around you." --Tom Brown, Jr.

Eric De Mund <ead@ixian.com> | Ixian Systems, Inc. | 53 49 B2 23 AF 6C 20 81
http://www.ixian.com/ead/    | Mountain View, CA   | ED DD 4C 81 AA C9 D1 A5
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