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[debian-knoppix] Try to emulate CD with HD...

Hi everyone.

Does someone knows how to emulate the CD booting process using a HD?.

What I'm trying to do is to build all the CD on a HD and be able to test
it before burning it. The idea that comes to my mind right now is that I
could create the compressed image and then make the floppies with
syslinux that finally mount the compressed image from the HD, if all
this works fine (the floppies and the compressed image), in that stage I
should burn the CD with the compressed image on it and using the images
of the floppies "syslinux" boot process, changed to mount the compressed
image from the CD, as the boot process of the CD.

Did I explain it well?, I feel that my english today is awful.

Greettings and thanks for all.

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