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Re: [debian-knoppix] Try to emulate CD with HD...

A les 13:14 20/11/02 -0300, Ernesto Domato m'has escrit,
>Hi everyone.
>Does someone knows how to emulate the CD booting process using a HD?.

do you mean something like

From the linux tag forum (when it's online ;-)

Now you can either make the final ISO image for burning or you can test it by symlinking the KNOPPIX directory in a root directory of a partition e.g.
cd /
ln -s /mnt/master/KNOPPIX KNOPPIX
then you can make a boot floppy :
dd if=/mnt/master/KNOPPIX/boot.img of=/dev/fd0
and boot off that, _without the cd in the drive_, when looking for the CD it will look for a Directory called "KNOPPIX" on /dev/hda1 a2 a3 b1 b2 etc. etc. if it finds one then it will say "accessing CD on /dev/hda1" and use that as the CD

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