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[debian-knoppix] Bus error while Knoppix boot

Hi Knoppix-users,

I use Knoppix (16-10-2002) with network-booting from a RedHat7.3 box and
I get into the following problem randomly on a few machines of high
number of very identical hosts: An error occurs within a bootup-script
and causes some failures; e.g. KNOPPIX/knoppix.sh doesn't get executed,
which is very important for my purposes. The bootup-screen says (after
doing a DHCP-Broadcast):

/etc/init.d/rcS: line 57:   53 Bus error  $i start
INIT: Entering runlevel: 5
bash: /etc/bash-completion Input/output error
Executing /etc/init.d/xsession start:

Everything else seems to work as usual after KDE has started.
Can anyone give a hint or has seen a similar screen?

First I thought I made some mistake while rebuilding the compressed
Knoppix filesystem (needed to modify Sys-V-Init as mentioned in another
thread). But I think this would cause more failures than sometimes on
some machines.

Any help and hints appreciated.

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