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Re: [debian-knoppix] knoppix.net

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002 07:13, Klaus Knopper wrote:
> Looks great. I think we need a concept for cross-linking the different
> knoppix.{net,org,com,de} pages, though, maybe I should add a "Link to
> other KNOPPIX pages" to my site (or vice versa?)?

Yes I have links to knopper.net, knopper.net/knoppix/ and linuxtag.org/forum 
in quite a few places. 

> > Also I have got permission from PC World to reproduce the 2 page article
> > that appeared in the October issue of PC World NZ, about KNOPPIX, to go
> > with the KNOPPIX CD on the cover!
> Great.
> Uhm, how is the article supposed to fit on the cover, or did I
> misunderstand something? Or do you mean that we can put the article
> [describing the CD on the cover of the magazine] on the web pages?

The latter, we can put the article on the web pages, I think it makes a good 
beginers guide to Knoppix, some stuff referes to the cut down version though, 
like the lack of Open Office. I have put it online :

Also :
On Thu, 14 Nov 2002 12:44, ermen <talstog@dsl.upc.es> wrote:
> A les 05:38 14/11/02 +1300, Eaden McKee m'has escrit,
> >I am keen for your comments!
> I like everything from your web :-) but the forum :-D
> I mean, maybe could be a good idea to add a note linking to linuxtag forums
> for technical question, in order not to split the tech discusions.

Yes I have added a note in the support forum to go to the Linuxtag forums. 

> In the faq you say
> " Installing onto harddrive
> Q: Can one also install the distribution from the CD onto a hard drive?
> A: Yes. See the HOWTO on this website.
> "
> and the howto is in the links area..... and i'm not sure if it the easy way
> to find the howto.

Ah yes, i'll fix that, thanks. 

> but, very good and nice work!

Best Regards
Eaden McKee
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