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[debian-knoppix] knoppix.net

Hi there, 
I think KNOPPIX is great, and I have created www.knoppix.net. I thing the work 
that has gone into the current knoppix website is great, but I thought I 
could do a little more. Knoppix.net has only been up for a day, so I am 
posting here to ask opinions on a few matters. A few features are;
HTML-ized FAQ page ( with a few more questions and sorted by number of clicks 
), updated mirrors list, updated CD sellers list, screenshots, forum with 
more categories, HTML-ized cheatcode page.. , automatic google translations, 
etc with more to come. 
I am wondering, is the legal disclamer at the bottom right? IANAL ...

I am keen for your comments!
Also I have got permission from PC World to reproduce the 2 page article that 
appeared in the October issue of PC World NZ, about KNOPPIX, to go with the 
KNOPPIX CD on the cover!

Best Regards
Eaden McKee
New Zealand

p.s. Klaus, did you get my PC World's I sent over airmail? 

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