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[debian-knoppix] USB 2.0 pendrive booting Knoppix?

Hello, I´ve been trying to make Knoppix boot from a thumb-drive. Booting from an USB-2.0 harddrive seems to work, but the thumbdrive won´t work. It would be great if all our users could carry their OS an files with them, using a fast thumbdrive with an encrypted filesystem. We would be the only ones with root access.. If a problem occur, we just plug it in and reimage it!!.. Wouldn´t this be a great idea!?
I guess this one could be used, but I can´t afford it..
It´s only USB 1.1 though, but I guess a real fast one is on the way.. This would be great, then I would like to use the local HDD as a huge AFS-cache.. Isn´t Linux great!?

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