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Re: [debian-knoppix] More control while shutting down KNOPPIX

> Boot with the "noeject" option. This is documented in the
> knoppix-cheatcodes.txt.

I am not sure this is cheatcodes is working.
I tested in vmware booting from a vfat dir named knoppix.
I just typed 'knoppix noeject' at boot time.
Then when started click on logout.

And I still get the question (press a key / eject cdrom).

There are two thing that I find annoying:
1) I have to press a key
2) VMware tell me about a write access on a partition set as read-only

Any hint to solve those is welcome. ;-)

> >   - If NOWAITENTER read in from /etc/default/knoppix-reboot, call init
> >     on shutdown with the parameter preventing the wait.
> If /cdrom or /KNOPPIX are not mounted, init will not ask for a key
> to be pressed, just like in the installed version.

hum, so eject and "ask for a key to be pressed" are two different thing...
But I don't think I can unmount /cdrom before logging out.

By the way, what is the reason for ejecting and asking to press a key?


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