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[debian-knoppix] More control while shutting down KNOPPIX


I am frequently using knoppix to load new disk contents to remote
systems. Somebody at the system's site puts the Knoppix CD in, boots,
brings the box online and I can do the rest from remote.

When rebooting, Knoppix ejects the CD and asks for <ENTER> on the
system console. I would like to obtain more control about this process.

/etc/init.d/knoppix-reboot looks like it has been written to support
this. It looks like if I set the NOEJECT to a nonempty value, the CD
is not ejected. But I didn't find code that asks for <ENTER> to be
pressed before reboot. This is probably in the patched /sbin/init from
the knoppix distribution.

Debian's way would probably be the following:
  - have /sbin/init accept a command line parameter controlling
    whether to ask for ENTER or not before booting.
  - Have /etc/default/knoppix-reboot sourced by
  - Honor NOEJECT setting read in from /etc/default/knoppix-reboot.
  - If NOWAITENTER read in from /etc/default/knoppix-reboot, call init
    on shutdown with the parameter preventing the wait.

Rationale: The CD-ROM drives on the 1U server systems we frequently
use are unable to pull in an ejected CD automatically. Once the CD is
ejected, somebody needs to be physically present at the system to push
the tray back in. This is good[tm] since this way, I can control
whether to reboot into knoppix or to boot from the local hard disk by
ejecting or not ejecting the CD prior to rebooting.

The rationale for being able to circumvent the <ENTER> keystroke to
reboot is clear: When the system waits for a local keystroke, I cannot
reboot the system from remote at all. Manual intervention is necessary
in all cases.

Klaus, may I ask if you would be willing to accept a patch to init and
a patch to /etc/init.d/knoppix-reboot for a future version of knoppix?


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