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[debian-knoppix] Burning the Knoppix-CD with Ahead Nero


I am new to this list, and I have registered because I am having trouble
burning the Knoppix Image (700 MB file dated 31.10.2002) with Nero (v5.5.8.0

I have read the FAQ available on knoppix.org (respectivly the site it
redirects to) and have not found a solution for my problem.

I have downloaded the image, MD5-checked it (Checksum is correct) and tried
to burn it as an image under Nero.

Apparently, this did not work out:

The resulting CD is not bootable.

I have burned a FreeDOS bootable CD with the same recorder and the same
version of Nero yesterday, which works very well. But this image was created by
me, not a downloaded bootable-cd image.

My question is: 
Is this a problem with the 2002-10-31 release of Knoppix - in which case
someone else would already have asked, I guess - or did I do anything wrong ?

I used "Burn Image" from the Nero menu to burn my image. The image was
burned to a CD-RW, on which I also burned the FreeDOS Image before, then deleted
it. Burning on a CD-R also did NOT work.

If anyone can help me out, I would be glad to buy that person a virtual
drink of their choice :)

Greetings from Kreuztal/Siegen, NRW, Germany
Sebastian Schneider

| Sebastian Schneider | Zur Brüche 26 | 57223 Kreuztal |
| phone : +49 2732 203118 | alt. email sidargo@t-online.de |

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