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Re: [debian-knoppix] ANNOUNCE: Tool for customizing Knoppix ISO-image before burning w/o remastering


On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 08:09:13PM +0800, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi Kester,
> Thanks for your notice
> 1) Where is the tool.  I browsed knoppix.org website and could not find
> it. I tried to browse "software" section.  Unfortunately it was written
> in German.

I've put the tool on the web now:

> 2) Whether to copy the file (all lines under /*---------*) at the foot
> of this email with a text editor and save it as file in the name of
> syslinux.cfg

Yes the source was attached, you can just save the attachment.

> 1) Is it to download the Knoppix ISO image from Knoppix Website and save
> it in a hard drive, copy syslinux.cfg to the same hard drive, booting up
> the PC with a linux boot disk and start customization there

You have to download the knoppix image yourself and save it to harddisk.
Then you need a running Linux system (the idea is that the tool later
will also run under windows so that you can customize knoppix without
having linux). Build knoppix-customize and run it. You can extract
syslinux.cfg from the image edit it as a ocal file (don't change the
size) and copy the file back into the image.

> 2) Can I perform customization on either Linux box or Windows box

I treied to write the program as portable as possible but I haven't
compiled it under Windows yet. It is tested under Linux.

> 3) How to monitor the total files size not exceeding 700Mb

The file size will not change as knoppix-customize will only replace
files with files of the same size.

> 4) If exceeding the limit how to condense/shrink them.  Can they work
> after compression?

See previous answer. The boot floppy is in the uncompressed part of the

> 5) Shall customization operate in graphic mode?

At the moment it will run in text-mode only. It is planned to provide a

> 6) After customization completed can I burn the modified ISO image in
> either Linux or Windows environment
Yes the image remains a normal ISO image.

> Thanks in advance.
> Stephen Liu

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