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Re: Re[2]: [debian-knoppix] Burning knoppix ISO image problem (Solved)

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your response.

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 00:51, Kilian Krause wrote:
> - snip -
> SL> Now another problem turned up.  The sound server can't work 
> SL> Reconfiguration with the drivers installed was impossible.  I have no
> SL> idea how to rectify this problem.
> does this happen due to your soundcard doesn't get recognized? maybe
> you should try the "expert" boot-option for further details..

I did try to reconfigure the sound server with the limited resource
available on the ISO image without success.  I fail to see it can solve
my problem without adding a new driver and reconfigure the sound server.

> SL> Is it possible to modify the ISO image by the user himself?
> there's quite a thread on the ml about modifying and burning the new
> iso.. as far as i remember there shall be even some tool ready soon
> which is able to do that for the user..

I browsed www.knoppix.org and could find a tool there for modifying the
ISO image.  I have a thought to copy all files from Knoppix CD to a hard
drive, do the modification there and after finish burn a new CD. But
there will be a heavy workload.

Have you had a recollection where can I find this

Another question:
If after configuration of an application e.g. adding all data re.ISP
account to the mail server (Kmail) where can I save the data so that I
shall not be required repeating it next time when I start Knoppix CD. 
And how ?


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