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Re[3]: [debian-knoppix] Burning knoppix ISO image problem

Hi Stephen,

SL> Thanks for your advice.

SL> I can't use KOnCD or Xcdroast because I download knoppix ISO image in a 
SL> WinXP box.  RH8.0 is also in the same PC (using mobile rack to change the 
SL> harddisc) .  I can only use Easy CD-Creator 5 in WinXP.

i don't see any problem with the recording software.. just in case you
have Nero near by you might try that.. at least for me that's the
easiest and most robust software (as long as you don't need such
things like copy-protection-removal etc.)

SL> I have tried dao at 4X speed but also failed.  I am going to copy knoppix 
SL> ISO image to a CDRW and then copy the knoppix ISO image from CDRW to a 
SL> folder in RH8.0.  Start to burn knoppix ISO image on Linux environment 
SL> using KOnCD.

ehm, maybe i got you wrong.. but if you have the iso already on cdrw..
what's the problem anyway?!

SL> Any precaution I have to take?  Can I save knoppix ISO image to /tmp ?

as long as your /tmp does have ~800mb free space sure.. precautions..
the same as on windows.. try to have enough free bandwidth from your
harddrive to your cd-recorder.. the rest should work just fine itself
(like should have done on windows too)

Best regards,

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