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[debian-knoppix] Burning knoppix ISO image problem

Hi all folks,

I just join this list and am seeking around for assistance in re of burning knoppix CD from its ISO image

(Remark : md5sum verified correct)

My problem is as follows:

Version : KNOPPIX_V3.1-10-10-2002-EN.iso
OS : WinXP
Burning software : Easy CD Creator 5
Burning media (tested) : CD-R and CDRW
Burning speed :  "CD-R = 12X"      "CDRW = 8X"
CD capacity :  "CD-R = 80 Min/700MB"   "CDRW = 74 MIN/650MB"
Recording Options (tested) :  "Record CD"  and   "Test and Record CD"
Record Method : "Track-At Once"   and    "Finalize CD"

Following warning pop-up after recording:
Easy CD Creator has detected that there were errors during the recording, or that there are errors on your CD

View errors :
E80041899: Write error - buffer underrun occurred - [06/C5/00]
E80041934: TrackWriter error - Flush failed - [T7127]
E80041925: TrackWriter error - Command retry failed - [T7118]

Kindly advise what mistake I have committed and how to burn the CD-R/CDRW

Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

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