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Re[2]: [debian-knoppix] Burning knoppix ISO image problem

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your advice.

I can't use KOnCD or Xcdroast because I download knoppix ISO image in a WinXP box. RH8.0 is also in the same PC (using mobile rack to change the harddisc) . I can only use Easy CD-Creator 5 in WinXP.

I have tried dao at 4X speed but also failed. I am going to copy knoppix ISO image to a CDRW and then copy the knoppix ISO image from CDRW to a folder in RH8.0. Start to burn knoppix ISO image on Linux environment using KOnCD.

Any precaution I have to take?  Can I save knoppix ISO image to /tmp ?



At 02:34 PM 10/13/2002 +0200, Kilian Krause wrote:
Hi Stephen,

SL> At 12:58 PM 10/13/2002 +0200, Christian Leber wrote:
>> > View errors :
>> > ========
>> > E80041899: Write error - buffer underrun occurred - [06/C5/00]
>> > E80041934: TrackWriter error - Flush failed - [T7127]
>> > E80041925: TrackWriter error - Command retry failed - [T7118]
>>Everytime or just one time?

SL> Everytime, same warning.  I made 5 tests, 2 on CD-R and 3 on CDRW

>>I don't think this is a KNOPPIX problem, this seems to be a Problem with
>>your CD-Recorder.
>>(is this a very slow system/harddisk/network?)

SL> No. AMD 1.4G/20G ATA100, 5400 rpm/not from network (ISO image in harddisk)
SL> RAM : 512MB
SL> CD-Writer : Sony CRX160E, about 6 months old

this ATA100 from _NETWORK_ sounds a little hot to me.. from network
means not only your harddisk needs to push the data through the wire,
but your network too.. so if you've only 10MBit networking you will
run into problems even at 4x (4x over 10MBit is only possible with
_nothing_ else on the network - not even an mp3-stream).. you might
want to try the power-burn option of the cd-recording device (in case
it has one).. this will tell the recorder to just re-start in case of
streaming loss... what i wonder a bit about is the flush failed.. i
had the same kind of problem with a cd-recorder when doing tao-mode
burns of large size.. could you try if dao (disk-at-once) mode still
brings up the same kind of problem?

>>(I never had this problem, but I heard of buffer underrun's ;-) )
>>Perhaps retry with lower speed.

SL> Yes. I will made another round at lower speed - (8X or 4X ???) later after SL> collecting some more advice. But speed at 4X may take lengthy time to burn.
well generally the speed shouldn't be a problem as long as the
cd-recorder and the cd-r-media are capable of that speed.. (is your
cd-r verified for 12x?)

hope this helps a bit ;)

Best regards,

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