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[debian-knoppix] Re:Gnome? About Klaus's script files...

Hello Klaus (and list)
Thanks for the scripts you lastly attached.
I could not understand something about
Knoppix.mkcompressed, if you can answer I'll be glad.

As far as I know, I should go to the sources directory
and 'chroot .' in this directory.
The scripts comes after the customizations.
My question is when I try to execute
Knoppix.mkcompressed in this new environment, it
cannot mount the root directory (it is in two
different lines), it gives an error about no
mtab-fstab. Do you know about the problem?

I commented these lines and after some trying, I
managed to write my cd. But now there are two
problems. One says (during the autoconf screen)
/etc/module.conf newer than bla bla and the other
occurs when clicking the floppy icon on KDE desktop.
It cannot mount the device and when done manually it
is not mounted with sync option. What is the problem
with /etc/auto.mnt?


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