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[debian-knoppix] customizing compressed loop image

Hi Ahmet,

On Sat, Jul 13, 2002 at 06:49:36 -0700, Ahmet Mehmet wrote:

> 2- Can anyone please translate (or rewrite) the message about customizing
> knoppix. It is in german, and autotranslation by google is very bad
> because of jargon. Also is there a list of to-read about this subject?

Here is a quick translation:

Customizing Knoppix compressed loop image

Boot Knoppix, set up networking if necessary.
Choose an ext2 partition on your hard disk with at least 3.5GB free space,
mount it on /mnt and create a directory knx_root on it:
mkdir /mnt/knx_root
Copy the contents of the compressed loop filesystem to knx_root:
cp -a * /mnt/knx_root
Do a "change root" to knx_root:
chroot /mnt/knx_root 
Edit /etc/apt/sources.list if necessary. Add/remove packages with
"apt-get install" or "apt-get remove". Keep in mind that after remastering
the compressed loop filesystem has to fit on the CD.
Then leave the chroot shell with "exit".
Now remaster the compressed loop filesystem:
(this requires _huge_ amounts of memory, so consider using an additional
swap file/partition)
mkisofs -R /mnt/knx_root | create_compressed_fs - 65536 > /mnt/KNOPPIX
You may remove knx_root now:
rm -rf /mnt/knx_root
Next step is copying the contents of the Knoppix CD to /mnt/knx_cd, where
the file KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX has to be replaced by the one created above.
Make sure that the file boot.img is located physically before the file
KNOPPIX. (ls -U)
Now remaster the bootable CD image:
mkisofs -r -J -b KNOPPIX/boot.img -c KNOPPIX/boot.cat \
  -o /mnt/my_knx.iso /mnt/knx_cd
Write the file my_knx.iso with cdrecord to a CD-R.

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