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re: Debian 8/jessie - SECCOMP_FILTER_FLAG_TSYNC

> Julien Tinnes from google says that next releases of chromium will
> drops support for kernels without TSYNC

So, first of all, this has never been Google's track record when it
comes to missing sandbox features.

They happily use fall backs whenever you're missing support for any of
those.  See about:sandbox.

So, to summarize I'm somewhat doubtful that they're changing their
behavior now, but well who knows...

Secondly, as one of the chromium maintainers, if somehow upstream
really does choose to make TSYNC a requirement, I'll happily apply any
quality patch that reverts that.

Google Chrome is a different story.  If Google makes TSYNC a
requirement there, yes nothing can be done at all.  Being binary-only
that's solely up to Google.

Best wishes,

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