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Re: teach os-prober to recognize OpenBSD

On 30/06/14 22:57, Martin Pelikan wrote:
>> Unfortunately this might not work from within the installer because
>> Linux no longer builds a ufs kernel module for d-i.

> [...] So the question is, since you've made
> a package used by other distributions, do you care about people running
> it on them?

I imagine Debian does care and might add this if it works.  I wasn't
disputing that;  only whether this feature would work within the Debian
GNU/Linux installer.

>> I think this could also be an inconvenience for systems where GNU/Linux
>> is installed alongside GNU/kFreeBSD.

Just to clarify, I meant that Linux dropping read-only ufs support in
the installer might be an inconvenience.

> I've never run GNU/kFreeBSD, but I'd say it's very unlikely that it
> would contain this particular OpenBSD copyright.  [...]

Certainly not in a kernel image file called /bsd.  I think GNU/kFreeBSD
would be ufstype=ufs2 rather than 44bsd anyway, so I wonder if mount(8)
would fail gracefully in this case.

I suspect this os-prober script also wouldn't work on GNU/kFreeBSD for
this reason.  (There's no ufstype option, so I suspect no way to mount
an OpenBSD UFS partition, but I may look into it if I have time).

Steven Chamberlain

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