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Re: teach os-prober to recognize OpenBSD

> Unfortunately this might not work from within the installer because
> Linux no longer builds a ufs kernel module for d-i.  (Support for ufs
> was being dropped).  It may only pick up OpenBSD on the next run of
> update-grub2 after booting the installed system (where ufs.ko seems to
> be still available).

If the module isn't there, it shouldn't do any harm because of the line
'[ "$type" == "ufs" ] || exit 1;'.  So the question is, since you've made
a package used by other distributions, do you care about people running
it on them?  I admit I'm not a Debian person, but since os-prober does
its job very well, keeping probes for other distributions in the tree
doesn't seem like a big burden.

> I think this could also be an inconvenience for systems where GNU/Linux
> is installed alongside GNU/kFreeBSD.  Maybe there is some argument to
> keep providing a ufs udeb, even if partman doesn't allow to create new
> ufs partitions or install to existing ones.

UFS write support in Linux is currently marked as experimental, so I
don't know who would create their UFS partitions using any Linux tool.

I've never run GNU/kFreeBSD, but I'd say it's very unlikely that it
would contain this particular OpenBSD copyright.  If people are willing
to extend the script to deal with other BSDs (with whatever userspace
they like), they can just add more if-else cases.  Whether they grep the
binary for a newline-delimited string or do other magic.

Maybe it shouldn't be called "91openbsd" but just "91bsd" if others will
want to play.
Martin Pelikan

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