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Re: teach os-prober to recognize OpenBSD


On 30/06/14 21:12, Martin Pelikan wrote:
> To access [OpenBSD] ufs, you need to mount it with -o ufstype=44bsd
> [...]
> Can something along those lines be included in os-prober?  Thanks.

Unfortunately this might not work from within the installer because
Linux no longer builds a ufs kernel module for d-i.  (Support for ufs
was being dropped).  It may only pick up OpenBSD on the next run of
update-grub2 after booting the installed system (where ufs.ko seems to
be still available).

I think this could also be an inconvenience for systems where GNU/Linux
is installed alongside GNU/kFreeBSD.  Maybe there is some argument to
keep providing a ufs udeb, even if partman doesn't allow to create new
ufs partitions or install to existing ones.

Steven Chamberlain

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