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Re: Bug#677173: 3.2.19-1: after some time, the USB keyboard no longer works

On 2012-07-26 21:31:44 +0200, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> BTW, is it only me, or do you have to hold down the key significantly
> longer to turn the "feature" off than to turn it on?  It certainly feels
> like it.

No, it seems 10 seconds in both cases.

> > * When the bug occurred in my case, I don't think I've pressed Shift
> >   for 10 seconds (well, when I do this, this is in combination with
> >   another key like PageUp / PageDown, but in this case, SlowKeys
> >   switching isn't triggered), at least in most of the cases.
> In my case it seems to happen most often when I do cut and paste,
> combining mouse selection with shift + del.  I often end up holding down
> the shift key while selecting and bam...

Yes, while SlowKeys isn't turned on with Shift + non-modifier key,
if you hold Shift for 10 seconds while using the mouse, it will be
turned on.

> IMNSHO, the hotkey choice is too generic to be acceptable at
> all.

I completely agree.

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