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Re: Bug#677173: 3.2.19-1: after some time, the USB keyboard no longer works

On 2012-07-20 08:58:57 +0200, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> So, it would seem that some part of the system would enable SlowKeys
> in my back for one of the keyboards (I recall that when this happens
> while I'm using the USB keyboard, only the USB keyboard is affected,
> not the laptop keyboard).
> If there a way to know whether SlowKeys is enabled, for each available
> keyboard? (Note: I'm not using GNOME, and even GNOME would be useless
> because according to what I see on this page, it cannot differentiate
> keyboards.)

Additional information:

* SlowKeys can be turned on and off by pressing the Shift key for
  at least 10 seconds:
  I've tried and I confirm that this "works". When several keyboards
  are attached, only the keyboard for which the Shift key is pressed
  is affected (I suppose that this is expected).

* When the bug occurred in my case, I don't think I've pressed Shift
  for 10 seconds (well, when I do this, this is in combination with
  another key like PageUp / PageDown, but in this case, SlowKeys
  switching isn't triggered), at least in most of the cases.

* It may happen that the system misses the Shift Release event.
  Actually this is what happened on July 14. I recall:
    Something interesting occurred with the USB keyboard. I was using
    Iceweasel, and suddenly it behaved as if both the Shift and Ctrl
    keys were pressed: left-clicks were extending the selection, and
    a left-click on a link was opening it in a background tab. After
    hitting various keys, this no longer occurred, [...]
  And this is what happened last night. This could explain why the
  problem occurs and that this could be specific to the USB keyboard
  on this machine.

* I had said that the problem also occurred with the main keyboard,
  but I don't remember whether I did anything special with the Shift
  key in this case.

To summarize, there could be two different problems (but I'm not

1. The fact that pressing the Shift key for at least 10 seconds
   activates SlowKeys for this keyboard. I don't think that this
   feature should be enabled by default. Hidden features are bad.
   Also, there may be a good reason to hold the Shift key for
   10 seconds: when using it in a combination of Shift + clicks.
   And when SlowKeys is enabled/disabled (in this way at least),
   something should be written to some log file, so that the user
   can get the information in case he wonders.

2. The fact that a Shift Release event can be missed (it remains
   to be confirmed) with this USB keyboard.
   Note: I haven't noticed any missing Release event for the other

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