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Bug#649033: [PATCH] tpm_tis: add delay after aborting command

tags 649033 + upstream patch

Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> commit a927b8131794
> Author: Stefan Berger <stefanb@linux.vnet.ibm.com>
> Date:   Fri Nov 11 12:57:06 2011 -0500
>     tpm_tis: add delay after aborting command

Upstream, Jurij wrote:

| With this patch I was able to perform 500 tpm_tis.ko module 
| insert/remove cycles without ever experiencing a hang. Without the 
| patch it's sufficient to do 5-10 cycles before modprobe hangs on 
| module insertion for a while. Thus, it looks like it is an 
| improvement, so please push it upstream.

So it looks like this is fixed by v3.3-rc1~105^2^2~13^2~4 (tpm_tis:
add delay after aborting command, 2011-11-11).

Jurij, what kernel were you testing against?

It would be nice to pass this to Greg for inclusion in 3.2.y and
perhaps 3.0.y kernels.  Do you know if 3.0.y is affected?  (If this
patch is tested against something close to upstream 3.0.y or 3.2.y,
I'll be happy to submit it to stable@).


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