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Bug#615110: tpm_tis prevents suspend working more than once

On 19/01/12 01:48, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

This is probably fixed by stable release which will be
included in Debian version 2.6.37-2 in the next day or two.
So, was it? ;-)

In suspense,

This bug is still present as of 3.2.0

Linux carbon 3.2.0-rc2+ #2 SMP Thu Dec 8 20:28:12 CET 2011 i686 GNU/Linux

[  295.064214] Suspending console(s) (use no_console_suspend to debug)
[  295.124146] legacy_suspend(): pnp_bus_suspend+0x0/0x57 returns 38
[  295.124154] PM: Device 00:07 failed to suspend: error 38
[  295.124160] PM: Some devices failed to suspend

$ readlink /sys/devices/pnp0/00:07/driver

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