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Bug#597429: [spamfang1199@yahoo.de: Re: [radeon] firefox often crashes whole system]

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I have now created the xorg.conf with fbdev according to your suggestion, did a restart and landed in a KDE without compositing. But therefore i was not able to reproduce the crash!
Also the large images inside the tabs from Iceweasel are getting loaded faster.

Another thing i recognized is, that  switching between 2 tabs containing biggies inside causes much less short time freezes of Iceweasel. 

With the radeon driver and deactivated KMS on the other hand switching between the tabs containing  big images led to some serious short time freezes of Iceweasel and the whole GUI, but they did NOT capture the mouse and did NOT crash the system.

Only with Radeon driver and activated KMS even the mouse froze (often along with the complete system).

I hope these infos are useful to your further investigation.

Cheers, buddy!

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Von: Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com>
An: sdfsdfsdf ewfwdfsdf <spamfang1199@yahoo.de>
Cc: 597429@bugs.debian.org
Gesendet: 10:23 Montag, 9.Januar 2012
Betreff: Re: [radeon] firefox often crashes whole system

Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> spamfang wrote:

>> What do i have to type in the kernel line to use fbdev? Normally i
>> start with radeon.modeset=0 to prevent the bug.
> You'd log in in "recovery mode" so X doesn't get started, but with
> modesetting enabled.
> Then write a minimal /etc/X11/xorg.conf, as described at [1]:
>     Section "Device"
>         Identifier "Testing"
>         Driver     "fbdev"
>     EndSection
> And start X with "startx".

The missing footnote:

[1] http://pkg-xorg.alioth.debian.org/faq/general.html

Sorry for the noise.

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