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Bug#597429: [radeon] firefox often crashes whole system

I have done some thorough testing in the past days. And i can confirm that the bug is still present in 2.6.32, but ABSENT in 3.1.0.

I can reproduce the bug often.

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Von: Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com>
An: spamfang <spamfang1199@yahoo.de>
Cc: 597429@bugs.debian.org
Gesendet: 9:26 Samstag, 24.Dezember 2011
Betreff: Re: [radeon] firefox often crashes whole system

# letting version tracking do its work
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spamfang wrote:

> kernel BUG at [...]/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_object.c:463!

Sorry for the slow response.  This is


Is it reproducible?  There have been some ttm fixes in squeeze,
so it would be interesting to hear how a recent squeeze kernel

If it isn't reproducible, we can declare victory --- great.
Otherwise, please test a kernel from sid or experimental as well;
the only packages from outside squeeze aside from the kernel
imaging itself that should be needed in order to do so are
linux-base and initramfs-tools.

If it is reproducible with a 3.x.y kernel, we can take this
upstream.  If it is reproducible in squeeze but not in sid, then
we can try a few versions halfway between from snapshot.debian.org
to narrow down when the fix was introduced, to find patches to
try applying to squeeze.

Thanks and hope that helps,

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