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Bug#640293: Presario C760EM: fan runs at a constant (low) speed after hibernate, until it starts to overheat


Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:

> I've been experiencing this lately, don't really know when it started as the
> problem is sporadic, it seemed to me that 3.2.0 rcs (tested rc4 and rc7)
> were worse on this than current 3.1, so after testing the 3.2 rcs I'm back
> to current testing linux-image-3.1.0-1-amd64 3.1.5-1.

Hm, ok.  Could you file a separate bug for this, even though it is probably
closely related?

Please attach "acpidump" output and full "dmesg" output from just
after booting and from hibernating to it.

Thanks and hope that helps,

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