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Bug#535571: kernel unaligned access copy_to_user_state with IPSec

Hi Jonathan,

ok, it took a while, but finally I've tested wheezy with latest kernel (linux-image-3.1.0-1-sparc64-smp) and the error's gone. It seems that somewhere to 3.x kernel the error was fixed.


On 27.09.2011 22:26, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
ja nein wrote:

I finally managed to compile some debug symbols into the kernel. Here we go:

[3179998.695837] Kernel unaligned access at TPC [1066a958] copy_to_user_state+0x54/0x9c [xfrm_user]
[3179998.811473] Kernel unaligned access at TPC[1066a958] copy_to_user_state+0x54/0x9c [xfrm_user]

Debug output:

Reading symbols from
(gdb) list *(copy_to_user_state+0x54)
0x9c0 is in copy_to_user_state (net/xfrm/xfrm_user.c:513).
Just to make sure, is the kernel you are reading symbols from the
same build as the one that produced the message in dmesg?

I'll provide same info for a 3.x kernel, soon.
Thanks, that's very useful.

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