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Bug#621773: Any sign of a fix??

On Sat, 7 May 2011, Luk Claes wrote:

You are not using IPv6 and the suggestion of another user to add IPv6
addresses to /etc/hosts did not solve the issue?

I am not using IPv6, but I do already have the IPv6 addresses suggested in /etc/hosts (I did not add them, they were already there)

You are using NFS with Kerberos and have NEED_GSSD=yes in your

I am not using Kerberos. I do not think I have NEED_GSSD=yes in my configuration - but just to check, where would it be?

You are using AD authentication and do not have libtirpc 0.2.2
(unfortunatley seems to not be packaged yet) installed?

I am not using AD authentication.  I have libtirpc 0.2.1-1

Thanks for the suggestions

Mike Ricketts <mike@earth.li>

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