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Bug#624549: bug in radeon driver module of linux 2.6.38 (since 2.6.35)

Martin Teufel wrote:

> Hm, I see (and agree).
> So we/I'll wait for a fix from upstream.
> I got back to drm_kms_helper.poll=0 for now.

Mm, I have read your report carefully enough yet, but: did you get any
response upstream?  I would suggest filing a bug at [1], product DRI,
component DRM/Radeon, version unspecified (yes, this is the place for
kernel DRI bugs), mentioning which versions worked and did not work,
pointing to your lkml message and attaching logs.

That way one could be sure upstream knows about the problem. :)

If you do so, do please send us the bug number.

Thanks and regards,

[1] https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=DRI

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