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Bug#624549: bug in radeon driver module of linux 2.6.38 (since 2.6.35)


On Thu, May 05, 2011 at 03:56:31PM -0500, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> So that leaves us with a puzzle: does that mean that 2.6.38-3~bpo60+1
> fixed it (forgetting about the drm.edid_strict parameter for a moment)?
no. Without drm.edid_strict=0 the error occurs (every 10 seconds ...).
With drm.edid_strict=0 given, the error doesn't occur but KMS gets
disabled (don't know why and figured this out only today, when I got to
the machine (did this test via a serial line behind a ssh connection on

> Ah, sorry I wasn't clearer before.  The edid_strict patch is something
> Alex had been thinking about but it is not in appliable shape (it does
> not have strict enough buffer size checks to cope with e.g.
> maliciously made hardware).  And of course it's even better if it is
> possible through a driver change to get an uncorrupted edid.
Hm, I see (and agree).
So we/I'll wait for a fix from upstream.
I got back to drm_kms_helper.poll=0 for now.


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