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Bug#597226: severity: Grave

During the week, I tried to use the two kernels: (compiled by myself) and the 2.6.32-23 (from debian oficial mirror).

Using 2.6.35, no error occurred. But using 2.6.32, the error still happens. And there was one time I used the 2.6.32, I  turned off the computer and turned it on using the 2.6.35 and the error occurred. So, I think that there is something wrong in the shut down process of the 2.6.32.

Summarizing: the kernel 2.6.35 works fine and the kernel 2.6.32 might has a problem in the shut down process.

My problem is fixed, but if you want, I could do some more tests to find out the problem in the kernel 2.6.32, just tell me what I should do.



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