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Bug#597226: severity: Grave


Sorry for the late. I had never compiled the kernel before. I compiled the kernel

I followed the steps:

1 - Download and untar the kernel in /usr/src.
2 - # make localmodconfig
3 - INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1 CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=3 fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-i386-edps --revision=+1.0 kernel_image kernel_headers
4 - # dpkg -i linux-headers-2.6.35-i386-edps_+1.0_i386.deb
     # dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.35-i386-edps_+1.0_i386.deb

I shut down and turned on the computer 6 times and no error occured.

I'm going to use the computer this week and after I put here the results.

Thank you everybody

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