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Bug#509077: initramfs-tools: support alternate DHCP port and DHCP vendor-class-identifier

* Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant+debianbugs@freegeek.org> [Mit Dez 17, 2008 at 07:01:51 -0800]:

> please consider the attached patch, which adds boot prompt parameters for two
> of ipconfig's commandline options in the configure_networking function:

>   - using an alternate DHCP port (dhcpport=NNN, ipconfig -p NNN)
>   - specifying the vendor-class-identifier (dhcpvci=XXX, ipconfig -i XXX)

> supporting these options gives additional flexibility in distinguishing thin
> clients from conventional workstations in a mixed network.

Sorry that no one took care of your bugreport for so long, Vagrant.
Patch looks fine to me.

maks, any objections against inclusion of the patches?


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