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Bug#582177: initramfs-tools: fails to load ram... /proc/mdstat

>Looks ok. /dev/sda is the device you're booting from?

I don't know.  The bios is set to boot from SAS disk 0 which is **usually** 
/dev/sda; however, when my firewire drive is connected, on boot all the drives 
are shifted one drive letter.
/dev/sda => /dev/sdb
/dev/sdb => /dev/sdc  ... etc

>What could be worth a try (unless grub devs show up):
>* try initramfs-tools >= 0.95.1
>* try removing all devices except one disk from the raid1 array
>  and try booting from the single disk then

Uhhh?  I use this computer on a daily basis!  You are going to have to 
convince me before I experiment anymore.  

For trying a new initramfs-tools, I don't think I will be doing that at all.  
For removing all devices from the raid1 array, see the previous paragraph...

C. Cropper

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