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Bug#509077: initramfs-tools: support alternate DHCP port and DHCP vendor-class-identifier

On Tue, 08 Jun 2010, Michael Prokop wrote:

> * Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant+debianbugs@freegeek.org> [Mit Dez 17, 2008 at 07:01:51 -0800]:
> > please consider the attached patch, which adds boot prompt parameters for two
> > of ipconfig's commandline options in the configure_networking function:
> >   - using an alternate DHCP port (dhcpport=NNN, ipconfig -p NNN)
> >   - specifying the vendor-class-identifier (dhcpvci=XXX, ipconfig -i XXX)
> > supporting these options gives additional flexibility in distinguishing thin
> > clients from conventional workstations in a mixed network.
> Sorry that no one took care of your bugreport for so long, Vagrant.
> Patch looks fine to me.
> maks, any objections against inclusion of the patches?

I had been dragging that patch as I do not like to add to many
bootparams that are outside of documented upstream linux-2.6 handling
and thus initramfs-tools specific. waited to see if a second voice
would raise..

I do not see so much the point of setting ipconfig vendor class id.
why would that be needed for booting?

the alternate DHCP port looks indeed more interesting, but no idea
how common that is in the wild? and if there is not a place in the
ip= monster bootparam?



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