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Re: firmware-linux package non-free?

boss ganesh schrieb:
They are not licensed uner GPl so it cannot be placed under main section of debian repository.
Most of the radeon Drivers are available in Debian itself please check it.
2009/9/25 Uwe Kleine-König <u.kleine-koenig@pengutronix.de <mailto:u.kleine-koenig@pengutronix.de>>

    Guten Morgen Jürgen,

    > I was wondering if really all blobs in the firmware-linux
    package are
    > non-free.
    > Especially the Radeon drivers would be nice if they could be in
    main, so
    > that they are present on the disks/images. Otherwise I would have to
    > install the non-free package after upgrading to squeeze on my
    > to get the same hardware support as in lenny.
    AFAIK there is no source available for the radeon firmware blobs.  So
    they are DFSG-non-free.


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Thanks everybody for the quick reply.
I'm still a bit confused about this matter:
The hardware support (in my case 3D acceleration) is present in lenny, so the necessary "drivers" were in the kernel or in x.org, don't know where exactly. So for lenny they were considered as free.

In Squeeze I need to install 'firmware-linux' from non-free, which contains following (among others):

* Rage 128 CCE microcode, version unknown
* Radeon R100-family CP microcode, version unknown
* Radeon R200-family CP microcode, version unknown
* Radeon R300-family CP microcode, version unknown
* Radeon R400-family CP microcode, version unknown
* Radeon R500-family CP microcode, version unknown

The Radeon driver WIKI
tells me that the radeon drivers are licensed under MIT

tells me that MIT license is considered DFSGL compatible.

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