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Re: etchnhalf - 2.6.25 install kernel?

On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 09:15:09AM -0600, dann frazier wrote:
>  Otavio asked me to look into the feasibility of using a 2.6.25-based
> installer for Beta2, and therefore etchnhalf (which would still be a
> 2.6.24-based update).

d-i moving forward instead of backward is great news.
what should happen mid term are experimental builds
that use our trunk rc snapshots, that would help both dev.
> There would be obvious issues with consistency here, but if 2.6.25 is
> ready at the time, its a better thing for lenny to move forward.

you want to checkout bugzilla.k.o #9832 
what comes to a quick glance as relevant skipping usual alsa regressions
and suspend userspace kernel interactions is
#10290 jfs lock trouble
#10320 rt2x00 does not associate
#10328  performance drop for glx
#10366 [PATCH] Fix off-by-one errors in some pirq warnings
#10421 xfs troubles 
       (post 2.6.25 lots of xfs patches got merged maybe some should
        land in stable team)

please double check if i left something important out
> So, I'm looking for any specific known issues here - e.g., a driver
> known-broken in 2.6.25 that works well in 2.6.24. There are likely
> numerous cases of the inverse, but I don't know if its worth spelling
> those out.

pheeew ;)

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