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Bug#466954: open-iscsi: Hangs trying to log out of Dell MD3000i

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 3:38 PM, Andrew Moise <chops@demiurgestudios.com> wrote:
>   Debian kernel guys, how do you feel about the situation?  Would you
>  be willing to apply a patch upgrading 2.6.24's iscsi subsystem to the
>  version from 2.6.25 if that fixed serious known bugs?  Would you
>  prefer for a backported fix to be applied to the stable series and
>  then get the fix from there?  How do you feel in general?

  As it turns out, I'm wholly mistaken.  Debian is planning to use
2.6.25 or higher for the next stable release, so this will be a
non-issue.  Hooray!



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