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Bug#377677: No sound from Creative Sound Blaster 16 PCI with 2.6 kernel

I have discovered that this problem was caused by my system loading two different modules for my sound card (es1371 and snd_ens1371). I have deleted snd_ens1371 from the /lib/modules directory so that only the es1371 module is loaded. I now get sound again.

Once I had cured the fault I was able to search on es1371 and snd_ens1371 and saw that the this fault (or a related one) had been previously reported in the KDE message list as "Ensoniq ES1371 , no sound with kde".

A response to this message said "Make sure to not load es1371 but use the alsa module instead, especially since alsa is default for linux-2.6.x.". If I want to do this what is the recommended way of doing this? (I assume that just deleting modules from lib/modules is not the recommended way).

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