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Bug#354458: Kernel panic after upgrading initramfs-tools


THanks for your input, Frans.

2006/3/18, Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl>:
> error that it can't find /dev/hda6 (and drops into BusyBox). I suppose
> this is because /dev hasn't been populated yet...
/dev/hda6 contains your root filesystem, right?


When you are dropped into the shell:
- check if /dev/hda6 really is not there: 'ls /dev/hda*'

/dev/hpts is what came closest... It wasn't there indeed.

- check if the modules you need for your disk are loaded:
  'cat /proc/modules' (check for ide-disks too!)
- if any modules are missing, use modprobe to load the manually

I modprobed ide-core and ide-disk. This gave me the /dev/hda devices!
- check if /dev/hda6 now appears
- after it does, type exit to continue the boot

YAY! It boots again! :D

One thing: how do I get it to boot normally?

I now did a dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-2.6.15-1-k7. I hope this is enough next time I boot (I'll report back if it isn't, and if you already konw it isn't, please let me know!)


PS: http://manuel.msxnet.org/
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