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Bug#357538: initramfs-tools: can't boot into new 2.6.15 evms system

Having looked more closely at some of the internals of the package, I
want to highlight one fact: the device with the new root is
/dev/evms/newroot, and it could be pretty much anything.  Since it's
supplied by evms, it's probably not relevant to think of it as scsi or
ide (it might, in principle, be made up of several physical disks of
different types).

Some of the code does switch statements on the the device for the
root.  *If* that's referring to the second-stage root (the one pivoted
onto after the initrd, i.e., the real root) then it's not going to
handle any evms stuff.

The lvm code is clearly invoking a non-existent program; I'm not sure
if the resulting error is just a routine warning or something that
stops subsequent execution.

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