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Re: Bug#356868: does not work with busybox-cvs-static

On Mar 14, martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:

> also sprach Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT> [2006.03.14.2030 +0100]:
> > And if something breaks a script which works with bash, dash and a
> > modern busybox then it fits pretty well my definiton of brokeness.
> the code in ide.agent is one massive hack. it's not posix afaict.
> thus, no shell is broken if it cannot execute it flawlessly.
I think that it is very reasonable code and I verified that it works even
with posh.
I doubt that it is not at least a valid XSI script, but even if it were
not I would not care since it passes the "reasonable Bourne shell" test.


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