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Bug#356868: does not work with busybox-cvs-static

also sprach Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT> [2006.03.14.1833 +0100]:
> What what about initramfs-tools adding the conflict?

Why? It does nicely with busybox-cvs-static. udev can't deal with

> Changing ide.agent is not an option, it has been hell to find
> something which works in bash/dash/busybox and anyway it will be
> obsoleted by 2.6.16 kernels. The initramfs is built by
> initramfs-tools and I believe that it is its duty to provide
> a non-broken shell.

19:39 < madduck> Md: ide.agent is incompatible with busybox in
sarge. this is a udev problem. you will need to worry about this for
the upgrade path.

> Or maybe this should just be reassigned to busybox-cvs-static.

... which is deprecated anyway, it seems.

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