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Re: Bug#345067: [Yaird-devel] Re: Bug#345067: ide-generic on poweprc


* Ian Jackson (ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk) [060309 13:49]:
> Sven, I am very disappointed that even after we have repeatedly asked
> you, in public and in private, to keep your comments civil and
> technical you're failing to do so.

Sven now asked me whether I can mediate between the involved parties. I
can try to, but there are 1-2 preconditions to it. One is I just don't
have time at all now, as I just commited my free time to stable release
management. The other is, I think we all cool down a bit first. Luckily
both match together well however. :)

So, I propose that we just let this be silent for a few days, and I'll
try to actively mediate it.


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