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Re: Bug#345067: [Yaird-devel] Re: Bug#345067: ide-generic on poweprc

Sven Luther writes ("Bug#345067: [Yaird-devel] Re: Bug#345067: ide-generic on poweprc"):
> [ a mixture of technical comments and egregious ranting ]

Sven, I am very disappointed that even after we have repeatedly asked
you, in public and in private, to keep your comments civil and
technical you're failing to do so.

I'm not willing to read any more of this kind of stuff from you.

If you can't discuss the _technical questions_ and answer Jonas's
_technical points_ without insulting him or engaging in other kinds of
personal attacks then there is no point in us considering your

If we were voting today I would consider dismissing your complaint
with a formal reprimand for your behaviour.


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